The idea behind is simple.

It lets you display all posts under a single hashtag, from multiple social media, on a single board, as a kind of wall of tweets. So, you can show tweets from many different people, all talking about the same subject, simultaneously, or show the conversation in a tweetchat all at once.

A tagboard screenshot of  #digped (Digital Pedagogy hashtag)

A tagboard screenshot of #digped (Digital Pedagogy hashtag). Click to enlarge.

These could be from your students, and be used as a way to see the whole conversation they are having at once. They could be from tweeters generally, talking about the same topic, as a way to get a snapshot of the spectrum of opinion about a subject. It could a a snapshot of commenters talking about an unfolding event/

How to use it

It’s simple to use. The address is Just type the hashtag in the searchbox, and tagboard does the rest. It searches six different sites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,, Vine and Google +) and automattically scoops up all the posts under the hashtag you input, and displays them.

What it looks like

The board displays the full tweet. and it grabs all the most recent tweets on a particular hashtag. In the pic below, I’m using #edchatie, the Irish education Twitter hashtag as an example

#Edchatie on Tagboard

(Click on the photo to go to the live tagboard for #edchatie)

You get the post, who made it, and when. And the display lets you see the entirety of a hashtag conversation on one screen, making it easy to track the conversation in it’s entirety.

So, if you set a class hashtag, or you want to display posts in class, or you want to use a twitter conversation as part of your lesson or lecture, you can set it up on tagboard qucikly and easily. You can grab posts from across Social Media that are about the topic you are covering in your lecture, and get an up to the moment snapshot of the global conversation.

For example, Syria is in the news, and, if you want to get a snapshot of what people are saying right now, here’s the Tagboard

Syria Tagboard

(Click on the photo to go to the live Tagboard for #Syria)

No membership is necessary, and the board displays rapidly, but if you do sign up  you can respond to posts just by clicking on them in tagboard. You can sign up with your twitter handle.

Lesson ideas

  • Use it as a jumping off point for class (display the posts on the days topic, and get your students to respond),
  • use it as a way to summarise and gather your students thoughts about a topic or subject (give them the hashtag, and get them to post on each others profiles, and on twitter, then put them up),
  • use tagboard as a clearinghouse for class questions – if your students are using twitter, in class, or as part of their homework, having all their posts displayed simultaneously makes it easier to identify question trends, or problem areas or ideas for them.
  • set a piece of homework to be posted to a hashtag (get your students to devise a question in math for tomorrows lesson, or snag a famous quote from a person involved in an historical event,) and put them up in class the next day on tagboard to compare, contrast and kick off a discussion.
  • Get your students to research a hashtag of their own choice on a topic, and have them present on the topic, and explain the posts they come across, using tagboard as a presentation aid.

Snapshot summary

Easy to use
Clear uncluttered display – would work well in a lecture or online seminar environment
Lets you get a good overall snapshot of a # conversation across many sites instantly
You can reply to individual posts right from your tagboard
You don’t need an account on any of the social media sites to snag the posts.


Doesn’t look like you can save tagboards

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